Getting Connected To The Internet

You can log onto the BBS and use the internet, but you can also use the BBS to connect your computer to the internet and actually become a part of the internet. How to get connected is described below.

Windows 3.1

To use Windows internet applications you will first need to establish a PPP or SLIP connection to the internet. This is done through TCP/IP stack software. This software lets Windows internet programs communicate over the internet with your modem. Trumpet can be used as your TCP/IP stack software. A preconfigured copy of Trumpet is available in in the file libraries. An easier way to get connected is to use Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows 3.1, it comes with a PPP TCP/IP stack. It does not need any scripts like Trumpet and is easier to use. Once installed double the get on the internet icon and answer the questions. The info it asks for can be found below. (Remember to uncheck dial area code and country code, as this will be a local call.)

Once connected with Trumpet or Microsoft's internet connection software you can run any Windows 3.1 internet program, such as: Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mirc, telnet, E-mail, etc(remember you're not limited to just running a WWW browser).

Windows 95

Windows 95 can be easily set up to connect to the internet because its dial-up networking adapter can be used. If you have installed Microsoft Plus, check to make sure you installed the internet option and do so if you have not. Run the internet setup wizard and answer the questions(Programs -> Accessories -> Internet Tools -> Get on the Internet from start menu). The info it asks for can be found below. If you do not have Microsoft Plus you can download Microsoft Internet Explorer and it will let you set up the internet connection or goto which explains how to manually set it up.

Once you have set up the connection you can find it in My computer under dial up networking, double click and connect. You can then run 32-bit and older 16-bit windows internet software as described above. (Do not use the software listed in the Windows 3.1 section above if you have Windows 95, doing so will not allow you to run 32-bit internet software.)


DOS is not commonly used with SLIP/PPP connections, but can be. Download, it comes with instructions on how to use it and will let you play Quake and run some other DOS internet programs.(If you want to play Quake on the internet and do not have Windows 95, try this program.)

Important Internet Info About The BBS

The BBS's or
The DNS server206.112.192.104 or
The Quake server207.78.248.19
Mail (for both POP3 and SMTP, use BBS user-id and password)
Your E-mail
BBS (use BBS user-id and password)

If you are using a terminal based program to get connectec such as Trumpet or quakeppp, you must log on as slip:user-id or ppp:user-id for a SLIP or PPP connection.

Telephone numbers to get you connected:

All lines will soon be 28.8kbps or 33.6kbps

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