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Getting Started

To get started you need to create your WWW directory on the BBS. From the main menu select the Web Manager (M from the main menu). Name your page anything you like up to 8 characters long. Once created you will have a file library that only you can access, this is where you will upload your html pages and graphics. Your home page's address will be: you named it goes here/

To make the page requires an understanding of HTML, HyperText Markup Language. HTML documents are just ASCII text files with with special formatting commands called tags that tell the WWW browser how to display the text and graphics. It looks complicated at first, but is actually easy to learn and the editors below will help you. Exactly how to write HTML will not be discussed here, but you can follow the links below to learn more about it. Your pages can be written using software such as HotDog, Netscape Gold (a wysiwyg editor), or even Windows notepad if you know enough about HTML. Remember it is always a good idea to test your page with several WWW browsers because what looks good on one may not look good on another.

Once you create your home page(s) make sure that you're main page is named index.htm and upload it to you're file library on the BBS along with its image files. You may upload them directly to the BBS or use FTP, connect to and use your BBS user-id and password to log on.(Remember that you may have to hit reload on you're WWW browser if you're changes don't show up.)

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