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Welcome to the CINTI MULTI-PLAYER CONNECTION BBS, which celebrated it's Grand Opening Friday November 11 1994!

Call 825-7900

We have FULL INTERNET access! E-Mail, WWW, TELNET, FTP, and IRC.

We are currently running 15 lines. (9 V.32bis & 6 V.34 modems) We can support up to 20 Users on our board with Telenet! Now you can play two(2) to eight(8) player MODEM/NETWORK GAMES through our System!!!

doomguy.gif - 1.4 KWe also have other on line games such as TRADE WARS (PRO) 2002, ANDROID, VGA PLANETS, BLADEMASTER, SUPER NOVA, HANGMAN'S SECRET COVE, FAZUUL, KYRIANDA TELE-CONFERENCE POKER, BLACKJACK, TINGO, CASINO, YAHTZEE, GUESS WHAT, ETC. There is an ANSI or WORLDGROUP 3-D TOURNAMENT CHESS Game as well. Or Telnet to your favorite MUD site right from our menu system. We have INTERNET UseNet Newsgroups. LIVE/REAL Time E-Mail, TELNET, FTP, WWW, IRC. Use TRUMPET/WINDOWS 95 and log-on with a SLIP/PPP account to access the WWW with Netscape or other internet software! Free WEB-SLIP.ZIP file in INTERNET Library contains ALL you need.

doomguy.gif - 1.4 KCheck-out the NEW WORLDGROUP Client/Server Software from the Main Library. The WGCLIENT.EXE file is a FREE D/L from the Main Library! This is a SUPER Windows Graphical Interface for the BBS. Allows for multi-tasking and many other Windows options.

doomguy.gif - 1.4 KAfter your initial two FREE hours, you may purchase more credit time by selecting CREDIT CARD PURCHASE from the Main (TOP) menu. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. We also have a 900 Service. Both give IMMEDIATE/FULL access. Our Maximum Charge is only .75 cents per Hour and MUCH less for additional hours, depending on the number of hours purchased in advance, rates can be as low as .41 cents PER DAY! See the INFO area from the Main menu for current price rates. There is also a PRICES.DOC file in the Main library listing our fees.

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