Now Running Capture the Flag at

Id software's Quake can now be played on the bbs. Quake, unlike the other games here, is played over the internet. Since the server is located on the bbs it will run much faster than playing on other servers.

To play you will need:

*DOS users click here to setup a DOS internet connection for quake

How to play:

Windows 95

Connect to the internet using the bbs and Windows 95 as you usually do. In you're Quake folder double click q95.bat. Once Quake loads select multiplayer, then join a game, then tcp/ip, then enter It will then connect to the server and allow you to play.
To make things easier you can drag q95.bat to the desktop and create a shortcut to it, this will give you an icon for the game (you can also drag it to the start menu folder to give an icon on the start menu).

The bbs is now running Capture The Flag Quake, create a directory in the Quake directory and name it ctf. Then unzip 3wctf30_.zip (found in the file library) into this directory. Run quake like this: q95.bat -game ctf. You can run it from start menu's run or right clicking on you're short cut to q95.bat, selecting properties, and changing the CMD line to c:\your're quake dir here\q95.bat -game ctf


Setup the dos connection as described here. Connect according to the documentation for the QuakePPP software. Run quake.exe and join a game at as described above.

To run CTF in the DOS do as above but, run it like this: quake -game ctf

If Quake lags too much or pauses a lot with the phone jack icon try disabling compression on you're modem, in some cases this helps.

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